How the board game and the online Solitaire Mahjong variants differ.

Mahjong as a board game is played typically by two to four players. It’s a game of skill that requires calculation and strategy while allowing for a slight hand of chance. It’s made up of a variety of tiles that have significance and aid the player in his ultimate goal of winning Mahjong. It’s a timely game that cannot be played as an only player. Mahjong is a highly social game and has been said to stimulate a number of brain processes, thus helping prevent dementia, although there have been no studies to cement this theory.

However, the online Solitaire Mahjong version can be played anywhere, anytime. So long as you have an internet connection. It allows you to challenge yourself and play against your own score. While being a test, it’s presented in a relaxed environment and can, therefore, provide a tranquil yet motivated way of passing time. Many people sneak in a quick game of mahjong at work when things get too stressful.

The online solitaire versions of Mahjong are based on the original board games, but have simplified rules and play. This is to suit the needs and demands of a growing industry. Taking time out to sit and play a lengthy board game is not always possible. That’s why here at we aim at giving you the best player experience. Get in touch with us to give feedback and suggestions regarding the game or ways to make your experience better.