is for those of you who love puzzle games. It’s a relaxing game of strategy, skill and estimation. Plan your moves quickly to beat your time score and clear all the tiles from the board. While the format is similar to the traditional mahjong games, the tiling is unique with brightly colored, modern looking images. We also offer four different maps with 3 different tile options so you can choose the game mode that suits you best.

The objective of the game is to match pairs and to continue doing so until you no longer have tiles left on the floor. Tiles can only be matched if at least one side is open. Tiles that are blocked or caught underneath tiles cannot be removed from the board. To eliminate a set of tiles, click on both and they will disappear off the screen. If you’d like to undo the moves you’ve made, click the undo button beneath the time counter. Use the shuffle option for when you’ve run out of open matching tiles to play. But beware, by clicking on the shuffle button, 60 seconds will be added to your time. You can easily tell how many tile pairs are remaining on the game floor by looking at the description below the time counter.

Some people relax with a cup of tea, some people read a good book. If you’re like us, you Mahjong. What’s great about the game is its simplicity. You can spend hours playing, consistently trying to better your time and score.