Mahjong is deeply relaxing and utterly satisfying. For anyone who enjoys puzzles with a bit of strategy laced into them, this will provide hours of contentment. It doesn’t stop there though. There are actually positive benefits of playing mahjong.

Among these benefits are the following points:

Mahjong keeps your brain trained
A certain level of skill is required to play Mahjong. In order to win you have to strategize your play for a number of moves ahead. This can keep your brain in good condition by keeping it sharp. The brain is after-all like a muscle that should be exercised.

Playing Mahjong can enhance cognitive function
What this refers to is the ability to process thoughts. Areas of memory and speech fall into this category too.

It can be relaxing
Aside from being a good way to enjoy yourself, Mahjong can help you keep your mind occupied. And you won’t have to feel guilty while playing. Mahjong can actually improve and help maintain your brain function. It’s a way of staying productive but not over-stressing yourself in doing so.

It’s a game that everyone can enjoy.
Mahjong is not age dependant. Anyone can enjoy it provided they can understand the rules of play. You can challenge yourself or a friend to beat your score if you’re playing online. Try to build your strategy for the gameplay before you click on the first tile. Clicking on the first tile will automatically start the time counter running. Find ways of finishing the board less time.